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I have been pretty quiet as the world has navigated some difficult things.  Mostly though I have been quiet because that is what I have felt the Lord tell me to do.  If you know me at all, you know that I was there before the Lord saying “ But Lord!  Hard Things of Faith!  We are living through some of the hardest things some people have ever seen and you want me to be quiet?!?”   When Coivid-19 broke out in the United States, a woman I know sent me a message.   She sent me a message and the gist if it was “Rest”.  She told me she was praying for me and then told me specifically what she was praying for me. That is the mark of someone who has really been praying for you, they tell you what they are praying for.  She gave me the scripture verse and then told me to rest.  As I have watched the world fall out over a virus and then my homeland fall out over racism, I have been socially quiet. I am grieved over everything we have seen since the beginning of Covid-19 through the


                        I woke up this morning intending to do a FB Live video. January has been a month of bringing awareness to  Post-abortive Healing.  I wanted to address a question that I have heard through the years about abortion.  That did not happen.     The sky over the mountain range was beautiful and inviting.  The sun was out and warm, but the wind was strong.  I like to record from different places in the city, but recording would have to be done from an enclosed location due to the wind, so off I went to look for the perfect place.   Once I found a place I liked, I started to gather my thoughts.  I can’t talk about this subject without talking about her. It should not be a surprise by now, but sometimes I am still caught off guard by how much I am moved by her.   Even though I have never seen her.  The child I was once afraid to acknowledge, even to myself, is now a part of my daily life. Though I cannot touch her and I don't know what sh

19, Knocked Up, & No Good

We are 1 in 4 women.  We are in your churches, we are in your bible studies and we are in your small groups.  There is nothing from the outside that would make you think abortion is our story.  That is… until it’s too late.  There are so many misconceptions about the woman who chose to terminate a pregnancy and why we have done it.  The things I have heard are horrendous.  Some people think that abortion is just a form of birth control, recently I heard it said that it is a matter of convenience. These are not even the most heinous things I have heard.  The name-calling and the judgment has been too much for me to sit with and not say anything about.  Some people are happy to lump us all into a stereotype that somehow makes us sound like we are less of a human being or unworthy of the love of Christ.   Every one of us has a story.  I wish I could share with you some of these horrific things I have heard, but these stories are not mine to tell.  Some of these women

Our Reaction

Someone once told me to write about what I am afraid to write about.   I will tell you, I do not write this entry lightly and there is part of me that is fearful, but I cannot be silent.  This entry is about a subject that causes division around the world.  This entry is about the reaction to abortion.  This is not a debate on being pro-life or pro-choice, this is a conversation about how we respond or react to this subject and to people we disagree with.  This is also a conversation about how we show the love of Christ to those who have chosen to terminate a pregnancy. It is a vicious fight between pro-life and pro-choice people alike.  The one thing they have in common is the passion in which they fight.  This subject is hard and it’s emotional.  People are passionate about it on both sides.  My question is this, shouldn’t we as Christians be able to have the hard conversation and shouldn’t we be dignified in doing so? It is the position of every Christian I have m