Our Reaction

Someone once told me to write about what I am afraid to write about.

  I will tell you, I do not write this entry lightly and there is part of me that is fearful, but I cannot be silent.  This entry is about a subject that causes division around the world.  This entry is about the reaction to abortion.  This is not a debate on being pro-life or pro-choice, this is a conversation about how we respond or react to this subject and to people we disagree with.  This is also a conversation about how we show the love of Christ to those who have chosen to terminate a pregnancy.
It is a vicious fight between pro-life and pro-choice people alike.  The one thing they have in common is the passion in which they fight.  This subject is hard and it’s emotional.  People are passionate about it on both sides.  My question is this, shouldn’t we as Christians be able to have the hard conversation and shouldn’t we be dignified in doing so?
It is the position of every Christian I have met to be pro-life.  I have met some that can have a civilized conversation about it and then I have come across a few that cannot even utter a word without losing all composure over the subject. The name-calling and the harshness of words that I have witnessed are heartbreaking, I'm not sure how this behavior brings glory to God.

As Christians, shouldn't our words differ from those who do not follow Christ?  

All people have the power of life and death in their tongue.  Our words can build up or tear down.  It is my belief that people should exercise caution with such a powerful instrument as the tongue?  As the saying goes "once the word is spoken, it cannot be taken back".  I am not saying we should not have opinions, I am saying we should exercise our right to speak about those opinions with grace.  We should remember that those of us who follow Christ, are sinners who have accepted the grace which has been extended to us.  Do we not have a duty to extend that same grace to all people, remembering that we rarely know the back story that led any woman to this decision.
What I am saying is we cannot speak in a way that defiles the name of Christ by acting with such hate and expect hearts to be changed.  We will not bring one woman to Christ that has been through this if we are calling her names, posting pictorials on social media and condemning her to hell.  The one thing I can assure you of is, any woman who has been through this knows your contempt. What she likely does not know is the love of Christ.

 It's likely she knows nothing about the love of God, only the hatred of herself. 

So, as I stated in the beginning, this is not a conversation about being pro-life or pro-choice, this is about extending love and grace where both are desperately needed.

For any who read this that are contemplating abortion, please seek out help, do not walk through this alone.  There are many places that are pro-life that will not judge you, they will not condemn you.  
They will offer options to you that maybe you do not know are available.
Now, for those of you who are post-abortive.  My heart and my love go out to you.  I know the pain you have endured.  For those walking with Christ, praise God that we know the redemptive love of God the Father!!!  For those of you who don’t know the Lord, I urge you to seek him with every breath.  He loves you!!! He does not condemn you.  He calls you daughter and longs for you to come to him so he can heal all that is broken.

Should you need prayer, or should you need someone to tell you about forgiveness, email me.  I would be honored to pray for you, hear your story and share the love of Christ with you.



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