Content With Your Position In Hell

How many times have you heard it said that people like "that" are going to Hell as they point at you? Who has said that there is no place in the Kingdom of Heaven for a person like you?  This doesn't phase you because you are seemingly content with your position in Hell.  Somewhere along the line, someone told you that Hell is going to be a great big party of misfits where you will fit right in. They lied.

You have no need to debate faith and religion because you live in darkness, far from anything heavenly or divine.  Most likely, you don’t care to think about such things.  You believe the lie that you are a horrible person or at the very least, beyond the reach of anything Holy.

I can imagine how dark your thoughts are.  Your mind is Satan’s playground and you want to indulge yourself in fantasies only he can conjure. He can show you things that normal people would be disgusted by.  You’re not normal though; these things don’t disgust you, they intrigue and entice you. 

I could tell you stories of people in the Bible who are a lot like you, but chances are you don’t care.  Certainly, your goal is not Heaven. Your only goal is to consume as much pleasure as your body can withstand in hopes of easing the constant ache of your soul.

The problem with seeking pleasure to ease your aching is it’s never enough. There is a continual need for more.  Thoughts consume you of how to get more and do more.  The thing is, your pain never leaves you.  No matter how much pleasure you partake in, pain is still your constant companion.

You dare not darken the doors of a church.  You think those inside are driven by a moral thought process that makes us better or Holy somehow.  You would be wrong.  

Those of us who follow Christ struggle with sin and desire much like you, but we believe in something that maybe you haven't been told about yet; Redemption.  We believe that God has the power to help us with these things. I don’t know you, or how evil your thoughts are, but I know the one who sees you, he knows who you are.  Your thoughts are not hidden from him.  He does not hate you, he does not fear you, as a matter of fact, he loves you. He battles for you in places you cannot see with things you could not possibly imagine and when you are in the throes of sin, he weeps for you.

 No matter what you believe or what you have heard, YOU were conceived in God’s own image.  Whatever you have done, whatever you desire to do, does not change who you are to God. The Lord went to great lengths to make a way to be in relationship with you, but people have lied to you and distorted truth.

I suspect you don’t believe me or don’t want to believe me and that is ok.  Ask the Lord and he will confirm what I have said is true.  There is nowhere that you can go that he cannot hear you.  As long as you draw breath, you have access to the God who can change your desires, forgive your sins and heal the aching in your soul.



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