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Mercies & Manna

It’s been several years since the Lord whispered these words to me for the first time.    It was a moment I will never forget.  I was in my car, headed to a women’s bible study group.  Now, please don’t be offended when I say that women's bible study can be a huge blessing, but it can also be a huge headache.  I was leading a class, so I had to go, but I was worn to the core and didn’t know if I had anything left to pour out.   If I am being really honest, when I get to that level of weariness, grace and kindness are not what pours out of me.  All it takes is for some unknowing person to say something or do something, and what comes out of me is more like salt & vinegar.  I remember driving and not being able to formulate words that could be construed as prayer. But God.... he knew exactly what I was saying.  Ever so gently, he whispered:  “Mercies & Manna” My heart was put to ease immediately. I love how the Lord does that!  He gives you something so simple and