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When Jesus Doesn't Feel Like Enough

   Do you ever feel as though Jesus is not enough? I know I have.     I don’t know what your circumstances are, but I know that we all have circumstances that we believe are outside of the Lord’s reach.  Maybe you have lost a loved one and you feel the ache of death.  Maybe you have lost a relationship/ friendship with a person you just knew was the other half of you. Maybe you have lost a child, in the womb or after birth.  Maybe you are a single parent struggling to get through life on your own. There seem to be times when our hearts are so broken that we feel as though we will never be whole again.  I could go on and on about circumstances that leave us feeling alone and abandoned by the Lord My soul melts with sorrow;   strengthen me according to Your word.       Psalm   119:28   We hear that Jesus is all we need, but we struggle to believe it.  We try to find him but can’t seem to lay hands on him.  We cry out from the depths of our hearts, searching and needing to cling to someth