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The Fallacy Of The Good Heart and the Good Person

  “I am a good person" “People are inherently good” “But they have such a good heart”     These statements break my heart.    They break my heart because they are untrue. This is blatant false teaching that has been widely accepted both in the church and outside of the church.  We have cherry-picked scripture to support our belief that we are naturally good people.  I have had so many conversations about this as of late.  People get really worked up when I tell them I am not good.  They get even more worked up when I tell them that they are not good either. This is not to point a finger; it is to point them to scripture.   The very first thing I hear people say about this is: “I am a good person because I haven’t murdered anyone.     I am not a thief, and I haven’t committed adultery.”     People automatically go back to the 10 Commandments, whether we realize it or not, even those who don't follow Christ.    We go back there because ultimately, we believe that the commandment